1st December 1918

Hey everyone! This will be part one of a very nice day I spent with Roxana. You may know her from a previous post where she was giving me a little tour towards some Bucharest streets. So what we did … Continue reading

Winter in Bucharest… learning some lessons

hey everyone.. so last night should have been the last night without snow according to the weather forecast.. fortunately (or unfortunately^^) there was snow.. a lot of snow… I still decided to go… I packed my bag and took my … Continue reading

So much care in such a small package! :D

Huh.. winter is coming.. in Romania too.. we had pretty good weather until this weekend.. Starting tomorrow it might get a bit snowy.. prefect time to get comfortable unpacking a nice Santa Claus gift my lovely girlfriend sent over to … Continue reading

Haircut and Mojo.. fits together?!

hm.. quite not much to talk about.. but lets see what happened.. for those of you who enjoy watching pictures more then reading.. please just skip all the boring written stuff… 😀 When I got the news that I will … Continue reading

The resurrection…

Hey everyone.. yes I know.. its been ages since I posted something.. don´t really want to explain.. don´t even have an excuse for not posting… except maybe that I was demotivated by the fact that its hard to create good … Continue reading

Day 29 – The story of Roxana.. and some pics of dogs :D

Hey everyone.. Because of the fact that even I no longer understand my own “Day X” counting system.. I´ll just start counting again the day I came to Romania.. So today is my 29th day in Bucharest… 😉 Almost 1 … Continue reading

Day 23 – What a weekend

Hey everybody! I just returned Monday from an amazing trip I told you about in the last post. It was basically awesome/unique/refreshing/”manly”/”effective”/interesting and of course a great great opportunity to take pictures! When I entered my room in the dorms on Monday … Continue reading

Day 19 – back from vacation

Hey everyone, I feel somehow terrible that I did not write anything at all in the past week but I somehow needed a break. After one week without getting to know a lot of new people it became a bit … Continue reading